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  • Amorphous Calcium Aluminate
Amorphous Calcium Aluminate
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Amorphous calcium aluminate Description:
Amorphous calcium aluminate (non-crystalline calcium aluminate) ‘s mineral is C12A7.The alumina content is about 50%, however, the appearance of amorphous C12A7 is different from crystaline C12A7 or CA. It looks like greenish (or a little blue color mixed) semi-transparent beads.

Amorphous calcium aluminate Application:
·  Cement or concrete additives.
Highly improve cement setting time and strength. When added with C12A7, the cement can be used as leak stop agent or nuclear waste treatment agent.
·  Steel making industry
Decrease the melting point of steel, accelerate the melting speed, shorten the melting time and save cost.


Amorphous calcium aluminate


Amorphous calcium aluminate Chemical Component:


42% min


5% max


49% max


2% max


2% max




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