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Silica Bricks

Silica bricks description

Silica Bricks are the main refractory bricks used in glass melting furnace and coke oven; its main crystal phase is Tridymite. Silica Bricks for glass melting furnace is used in building checker chamber, chute, combustion chamber, coking chamber, and furnace arch etc.

Silica bricks properties

(1)High refractoriness under load.
(2)High heat conductivity.
(3)Good thermal shock resistance.
(4)Solidity stable of capacity in high temperature.

Silica bricks for coke oven

Index Item
JG-1 JG-2
Bottom, Wall Others
SiO2,%≥ 94
0.2Mpa refractoriness under load , ℃≥ 1650(silica with glue 1620)
Reheating linear change %
Apparent porosity,%≤ 22(23) 24
Compress strength, Mpa≥ 30 25
Absolute density,g/m3≤ 2.34 2.35
Thermal expansion rate at,%1000℃≤ 1.28 1.3

Silica bricks for glass kiln

Item Properties
BG-96A BG-96B BG-95A BG-95B
SiO2,% 96 96 95 95
Fe2O3 ,% 0.8 1 1.2 1.2
Melt index,%
Unit weight<20KG
Unit weight≥20KG


Cold Crushing strength MPa,
Unit weight<2KG
Unit weight≥20KG
Softening temperature under load,°C 1680 1670 1660 1650
Apparent porosity % 22(24)
Bulk density,g/cm3 1.85-1.9
True density,g/cm3 2.34 2.35

Silica bricks packing

Silica bricks are packed on wooden pallet and then polyethylene film is placed over it, finally the package is tied up with plastic-steel strips.
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