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Pumpable Crib

I.High water solidified pumpable crib(after name as Hisolify)

It is a kind of new materials with particular performance. The main raw materials are bauxite, limestone and gypsum, after adding some kinds of inorganic materials and additives, they are in process of grinding to little size and even particles, firing and then get two kinds of powders. We separately named these two powders as Hisolify A & Hisolify B. This kind of material mixing with 9 times of water by volume, can solidify to solidified artificial stone within 30 minutes with strength. Our company can offer two types: Hisolify I and Hisolify II.

II.Hisolify–High water solidify pumpable crib Technical data sheet:

a.Specific surface area: ≥300㎡/kg
b.Compressive strength:
Hisolif I
Age 2h 24h 3d 7d
Compressive Strength
1 2.5 3 3.5

Hisolify II

Age 2h 24h 3d 7d
Compressive Strength
1 3 4 4.5

c.Initial setting time: ≤30minutes
d.Pumping life: each slurry has 24 hours pumping life

III.Hisolify –High water solidify pumpable crib main characters:

a.The grouting body is with high water content: water content is 87%—90% by volume, for water to solids ratio of 2.2:1 by weight.
b.Good pumping packing: Slurry A and Slurry B can keep good flow in 24 hours before they are mixed.
c.Fast setting; the initial setting time is within 30 minutes after Slurry A and Slurry B mixed together.
d.PH value of the Slurry A and Slurry B:
For Slurry A: PH =9~10, belongs to mildly alkali material;
For Slurry B: PH =11-12, belongs to alkali material

IV.Hisolify –High water solidify pumpable crib applications:

Hisolify I is used for mine filling
Hisolify II. is used for laneway support, tailgate support and bleeder roadway support in underground coal mines.

V.Use of Hisolify

a.Making slurry: each of the two parts of Hisolify is mixed with half the total water requirements. Mix evenly and form Slurry A and Slurry B.
b.Convey system: Slurry A and Slurry B are pumped through separate pipe-line with the same quantities.
c.Same quantities of two Slurries mixed together at the support installation location. Here the two slurries lines are joined together through a tee section a few feet before entering the bag. The bag is sufficient to provide a consistent concrete structure once the bag is filled.
Detailed process is as below:

VI.Notes for uses:

a.Keep dry condition during storage and transportation. It should be retest if storage exceeds 60 days on ground or 15 days underground. User should use it according to the new test result.
b.The quantities for Hisolify A and Hisolify B when using should be equal.
c.Use at the same time: These two components should be added with water at the same time and delivered to the mix and the same time where they are mixed together.
d.Evenly mix: Not only Hisolify A & Hisolify B should be mix evenly with water separately but also the additive in these two Components (powders) should be mix evenly. So the common mix time should be more than 15 min.
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