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Oreworld Trade (Tangshan) Co., Ltd.
  • Concrete Urgent Repair
    Concrete Urgent Repair
    CSA cement is rapid setting and high strength cement. Our CSA cement are widely used in Concrete Urgent Repair Application:The CSA Cements supplied by Oreworld trade can be used to make CSA concrete u...
  • Self Levelling
    Self Levelling
    The series of CSA cements from Oreworld trade company can be application for self-leveling material. Self-leveling material is a kind of powdery material that is premixed by factory with special cemen...
  • Expansion Additive
    Expansion Additive
    High-efficiency CSA Expansive Agent is another application of our CSA BINDER. It is obtained by blending our CSA binder (clinker) which consists essentially of calcium sulphoaluminate and CaO. High-ef...
  • Cement Rotary Kiln
    Cement Rotary Kiln
    Refractory bricks offered by Oreworld Trade is widely applications for cement rotary kiln.The very nature of Portland Cement is basic and hence the choice of refractories for Rotary Cement Kiln is con...
  • Ceramic Kiln
    Ceramic Kiln
    Refractory Materials for Ceramic Kiln or FurnaceHeat is transmitted via conduction, convection, radiation or a combination of them. Heat always goes from hot to cold. Without insulation, heat will be ...
  • Steel Ladle
    Steel Ladle
    A steel ladle is a container for transferring molten steel tapped from the converter or the electric arc furnaces up to the casting shop, reserving the steel during casting and occasionally during sec...
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