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  • Special Cements
    Special Cements
    Special cement introductionSpecial cements are cements that serve some specific function such as altering the setting or hardening behavior of a concrete, producing different colors for architectural ...
  • Ore Products
    Ore Products
    Ore products from our Oreworld trade Co. belong to nonmetallic mineral products. The Nonmetallic Mineral Product Manufacturing subsector transforms mined or quarried nonmetallic minerals, such as sand...

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  • Bentonite

    Introduction of Bentonite:Bentonite is rock that consists mainly of montmorillonite, a clay mineral, and contains impurities such as quartz, feldspar, and other minerals. Bentonite is a highly colloid... Bentonite
  • CSA Expansive Additive

    CSA expansive additive is a shrinkage-reducing high-performance additive made with calcium sulfoaluminate. It is widely used in mortar concrete. CSA Expansive Additive
  • Low Alkalinity Calcium Sulphoaluminate Cement

    Compared with other types of cement, Low alkalinity calcium sulphoaluminate cement has obvious fast-hardening, early-strength characteristics, low alkalinity, small expansion ratio, fast stability, and no shrinkage deformation. Low Alkalinity Calcium Sulphoaluminate Cement
  • Amorphous Calcium Aluminate

    Amorphous calcium aluminate is also named as non crystalline calcium aluminate, non crystallized calcium aluminate,amorphous C12A7, ACA, concrete accelerator. It is widely used to make fast and extremely fast setting cementious mortars, concrete. Amorphous Calcium Aluminate
  • High Alumina Cement

    Description of high alumina cementHigh Alumina Cement (HAC, sometimes known as calcium aluminate cement (CAC) or aluminous cement) is composed of calcium aluminates, unlike Portland cement which is co... High Alumina Cement
  • Foamed Concrete

    Foamed concrete has proven to be an effective alternative to granular fills and is now widely used internationally. With increasing demand for lightweight materials for buildings in order to improve s... Foamed Concrete
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