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Calcium Ferrite

Calcium Ferrite

Product Details

Calcium ferrite slag arises from their high capacity to absorb acidic impurities (e.g., arsenic and antimony) while presenting a wide, homogeneous liquid area when mixed with iron oxides. These two aspects partly solve troublesome magnetite precipitation during the smelting and converting of copper concentrates and reduce bath contamination in the electrolytic refineries.

Specification of the Calcium Ferrite Slag

Item TG-30 TG-50: TG-55:
F2O3: 30-48% 50-55% 55-60%
CaO: 48-55% 35-40% 30-35%
SiO2: <=5.0% <=5.0% <=5.0%
Al2O3 <=5.0% <=4.0 <=4.0
TiO2 <=0.5% <=0.5% <=0.5%
P: <=0.05% <= 0.05% <= 0.05%
S: <= 0.1% <= 0.1% <= 0.1%
Size: <50mm <50mm <50mm

Size of the Calcium Ferrite Slag:

0~10mm, 10~20mm, 10~30mm

Remark: specification and size can be optimized by per customer' requirement.

Applications of the Calcium Ferrite Slag:

Calcium ferrite is used as deoxidizer, desulfurizer, dephosphorization in steelmaking. Which can rise refining effective highly and ladle' using time.
Packing: 1mt/big bag or as per customer’s requirement
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