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  • What is Cement Used for
    CSA super high strength sulphoaluminate cement is also called high strength sulphoaluminate cement. CSA super high strength cement is a kind of hydraulics material based on calcium sulphoaluminate, wh...
  • Alumina Cements and Their Uses
    High alumina cement is also called aluminate cement. Aluminate cement is a kind of hydraulically cementitious material, which is made from bauxite and limestone and calcined with calcium aluminate as ...
  • Different Types of Cement Mixes
    Reaction with Portland CementCSA ultra high strength cement can be combined with other mineral products such as Portland cement, calcium sulfate, filler or latex foam and redispersible foam.HCSA ultra...
  • Types of Cement
    Cement is generally divided into ordinary Portland cement, Portland cement with mixed materials and special cement. Ordinary Portland Cement: By limestone, clay, iron ore powder in proportion to grind...
  • Different Types of Cement and Their Uses
    Expansive CementThe volume expansion cement during hardening process can be divided into Portland Expansion Cement, Aluminate Expansion Cement, Sulfoaluminate Expansion Cement and Calcium Hydroxide Ex...
  • Application of Light Calcium Carbonate
    Lightweight calcium carbonate, also known as precipitated calcium carbonate, is prepared from limestone by carbonization. Lightweight calcium carbonate has a wide range of functions and uses. I'll giv...
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