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Clay Insulation Brick

Thermal Insulation Bricks are high porosity refractories with low thermal conductivity and high porosity (no less than 45%) used to reduce heat losses and thus to maximize heat conservation within the furnace.

Clay Insulation brick Characteristics

●High porosity
●Low volume density
●Low Thermal conductivity

Clay Insulation Bricks Application:

Clay Insulation Bricks are widely used in various industrial furnaces such as hear boilers, glass kilns, cement kilns, fertilizer making gas furnaces, blast furnaces, hot blast stoves, coking furnaces, electric furnaces, etc. They are mainly used in insulation layer of furnace that do not contact with molten materials and erosive gas. The working temperature is 1150-1400 degrees centigrade.

Clay Insulation brick Technical data:

We offer bulk density from 0.4~1.5g/cm³. Compresive strength is from 1.0~5.9Mpa. Working temperature is 1150~1400℃. Thermal conductivity is 0.2~0.7 w/m.k at 350℃±25℃.

Clay Insulation bricks packing

By cartons and pallets.
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