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CSA Cement

CSA Cement

CSA cement introduction

CSA cement is a special cement used in many applications where early high strength and fast setting development are necessary. CSA cement is short for Calcium Sulfoaluminate Cement, also named rapid setting cement, high strength cement, fast hardening cement, CSA type III and CSA binder.

CSA cement Characteristics

• Appearance: light grey powder
• Early-high strength
• Rapid setting: initial setting time can reach 12~20 minutes
• Tiny expansion and low shrinkage
• Low degree of shrinkage
• Low alkali: PH value is about 11 and lower than Portland cement.
• No rust to steel
• Freeze-thaw resistance
• Impermeability
• Resistance to sulfate attack
• Low carbon footprint

CSA cement Technical data

Specific surface area, m²/kg


Setting time

Initial setting

Final setting



Compressive strength,Mpa

1 day

3 days



Flexture Strength, Mpa

1 day

3 days



CSA cement Application

• Concretes repair (for example bridges, airport runaways and parking apron, etc.)
• Technical Rapid-Setting Mortars (for example restoration and repairs, etc.)
• Self-Leveling Floor Screeds
• Sprayed Concretes and Shotcretes
• Mining Products, for example: mining roof support materials.
• Plasters & Mortars (i.e. Joints, Sulfate Resistance, No-Shrinkage, etc.)
• Special adhesives, tile adhesives
• Concrete Precast Products
• Glass fiber reinforced concrete (G.R.C.)

CSA cement Storage, transportation and packing

• To be stored in dry cool place and not mix with other substance
• Transportation: as common goods
• Packing: jumbo bag or small bag with pallets
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