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Graphite Electrode Scrap

Introduction of Graphite electrode scraps

The main raw material for the graphite electrode scraps (powder/grain) is graphite electrode. The graphite electrode scraps is gained by process all kinds of graphite electrode powders, grain and blocks.
Graphite electrode scrap has high carbon, low sulfur, low ash, low resistivity, low nitrogen and other characteristics.

Main characters and applications of Graphite electrode scraps

Low ash, low sulphur and low Nitrogen.
The graphite electrode scraps is widely used in foundry industry, steel-smelting industry, friction materials and etc.

Specifications of Graphite Electrode Scraps

Item/Grade GES-1 GES-2
F.C (Min) 0.99 0.985
S (Max) 0.0005 0.0005
ASH (Max) 0.005 0.008
V.M(Max) 0.005 0.007
H2O(Max) 0.005 0.005

Size:0-1mm 0-3mm 1-3mm 2-4mm 1-5mm 10-15mm etc

Package of Graphite Electrode Scraps:

in 1mt big bag;
in 25kg small bags into 1 mt big bag;
According to the customer's requirements.
The content packaging particle size may be based on customer demand production.
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