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Thermal Insulation Products

Insulating materials introduction

Insulating material is a material that reduces or prevents the transmission of heat or sound or electricity.
We deal with Clay insulation bricks, JM series Insulation bricks, High alumina insulation bricks, ceramic fiber blanket, calcium silicate board and perlite insulation board.

Insulating materials Characteristics

High porosity
Low volume density
Low Thermal conductivity
High mechanical intensity
Long Service life
Good heat preservation performance
Sound Absorption
Easy to install
No asbestos

Insulation materials Application

Mainly used in insulation layer of furnace that do not contact with molten materials and erosive gas. The working temperature is 1150-1400 degrees centigrade.
Widely used in lining or insulating layers of various industrial furnaces, alumina silicate board, and kilns in petrochemical, machinery, ceramic industry, such as lining and insulating layer of high temperature kilns, carbon black stove, hydrogen manufacturing furnace and shuttle kiln,etc
mainly used for the walls and building roofs of residential, industrial and public buildings, swimming pools, cold storage, boilers and some heat preservation projects with special requirements for waterproofing.

  • Clay Insulation Brick Clay Insulation Brick
    The Insulation bricks are refractory bricks with porosity is more than 45%. The main typesof insulation bricks are diatomite insulation bricks,clay insulation bricks, high alumina insulation bricks and mullite insulation bricks.
  • High Alumina Insulation Bricks High Alumina Insulation Bricks
    High alumina insulation bricks are also known as high alumina heat insulating bricks. It is a new type of lightweight insulating material which contains approximately 48% alumina.High alumina insulati...
  • JM23 Insulation Bricks JM23 Insulation Bricks
    JM series insulation bricksJM series insulation bricks are made from Kaolin and high purity alumina which react together to form Mullite during the firing process, where temperatures can reach in exce...
  • Ceramic Fiber Blanket Ceramic Fiber Blanket
    Ceramic fiber Blanket is composed of long flexible, interwoven fibers manufactured by the “spun” process yielding a strong, lightweight, durable product.Ceramic Fiber Blanket Features:● Light weig...
  • Calcium Silicate Board Calcium Silicate Board
    Calcium silicate board is an asbestos-free thermal insulation product that can withstand continuous high operating temperatures.Calcium Silicate Board Application● High temperature insulation materia...
  • Perlite Insulation Board Perlite Insulation Board
    Perlite insulation boardPerlite insulation board is made of naturally clean expanded perlite which makes the product non-toxic, environmentally friendly and harmless for humans.Main Features:1)Environ...
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