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White CSA Cements

White CSA Cements

The white csa cements is a hydraulic binder based on calcium sulfoaluminate, specially designed to be blended with anhydrite and some other materials such as sand, crashed stone, pigments to make artificial stone and countertops.
The white csa cements is manufactured under a strict quality assurance systems.

Advantages by using white csa cements:

The color of white csa cements is more lighter than other cement. It can be easily colored by pigment.
Hydrated products have hydration alumina gel and ettringite crystals which can generate beautiful luster on surface of the artificial stone.
White csa cements is a low alkali cement, can avoid the re-alkali
White csa cements is also a low CO2 emissions cement
Sulphate resistance


SiO2 6‐8%
AL2O3 40‐44%
Fe2O3 0.5‐0.8%
CaO 37‐40%
SO3 7‐9%
Loss 0‐0.5%
Whiteness 78%Min
SSA 500±20m2/kg

Package for the white csa cements: 1-1.25 ton big bag.

Storage of the white csa cements:

The white csa cements is normally supplied in one-ton big bag which includes a moisture resistant barrier. However, in common with all hydraulic binders, white csa cements must be kept from moisture, and can retain its properties for up to six monthswhen properly stored.
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