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Company Overview

March 1, 1997 officially carried out market research and other preparatory work, determined the scope of the company's business, the company's direction. Based on years of research and practice, on July 9, 2001 formally incorporated Oreworld Trade (Tangshan) Co., Ltd., the company's development direction was determined as non-metallic mineral products and their products in international trade business.
In the selection of non-metallic mineral products, we take into account of environmental protection, health, green growth and combine the needs of customers. Zeolite, diatomaceous earth, activated clay, etc. mineral products are our advantage products. We have our partner mines and processing plants in main producing area of China. We select our cooperated mine according to our many years of experience and technology advantages after comparing mineral geology storage conditions, exploration and mine concentration. Thus we can control the product quality from its origin and reduce cost to ensure our products remain competitive on price in the fierce competition market.
Our main Non-metallic mineral products are Silicate products. They are Portland cement, refractory and insulation materials, steel-making auxiliary materials and so on. These products manufacturing place are relatively concentrated, but large in numbers, technology and product quality are uneven. The most important issue is choosing the partners with stable quality and competitive price. Over 10 years, we keep a high standard to select our partners. And establish long-term stable cooperative relations with different manufacturers for different products. Some products rank in the front of Chinese export quantity because of their stable quality and competitive prices. 
For many years our staff team trained with technically sophistical and understand the international market demand.  At the same time, we invite some well-known universities and research institutions to solve the technical problems raised by customers and obtain the trust of customers. We also hire well known professors in aspect of mining, cement, refractories from North China University of Science and Technology as our as our company's technical adviser to provide strong technical support for our international markets. We hope to establish a cooperative relationship and develop together with industry colleagues at home and abroad. Thank you for your visiting.
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