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CSA Cement
CSA cement is a special cement with high strength, rapid setting time and low shrinkage. The main minerals of CSA cement is dicalcium silicate (C2S) and calcium sulfoaluminate (C4A3S). It is widely used to chemical construction materials such as dry-mix mortars, shot concrete, concrete repair and etc.
  • CSA Binder
    CSA Bidner is a dydraulic binder based on calcium sulphoaluminate clinker The CSA binder is obtained by the burning of a mix of bauxite, gypsum and limestone at a temperature of about 1350℃ and grinded in powder shape.
  • CSA Expansive Additive
    CSA expansion additive can reduce and compensate the hydraulic shrinkage of cement based construction products. It is not only widely used to CSA cement based products but also used to OPC cement products.
  • Calcium Aluminate Products
    Calcium Aluminate Cement is produced in a normal rotary kiln. Calcium Alumina cement is not only used by the refractory industry but also by the building chemistry industry due to its high reactivity.
About Oreworld
Oreworld trade (Tangshan) co., Ltd is a main supplier in China in field of Building Chemistry Industry. We have been engaged in special cements and cement additives since 2001. 

The main products from Oreworld Trade Company:

Special Cements: calcium sulfoaluminate cement ( named CSA cement or CSA Binder for short), calcium aluminate cement (CA cement for short);

Cement Additives: Amorphous Calcium Alumiante(ACA for short) and CSA expansion additive. The CSA cement is the most popular product to the clients because of its high performance such as fast setting time and high strength in three days. CSA cement has been widely used to building chemistry industry by many customers all around the world. Production capacity of the CSA cement is 60000 tons per year and export quantities is about 30000 tons each year. Oreworld Trade Co is committed to provide the finest quality and highest service and competitive rates to all of our customers.
  • Concrete Urgent Repair
    CSA cement is rapid setting and high strength cement. Our CSA cement are widely used in Concrete Urgent Repair Application:The CSA Cements supplied by Oreworld trade can be used to make CSA concrete u...
  • Self Levelling
    The series of CSA cements from Oreworld trade company can be application for self-leveling material. Self-leveling material is a kind of powdery material that is premixed by factory with special cemen...
  • Expansion Additive
    High-efficiency CSA Expansive Agent is another application of our CSA BINDER. It is obtained by blending our CSA binder (clinker) which consists essentially of calcium sulphoaluminate and CaO. High-ef...
  • Ceramic Tile Adhesives and Sealant
    High strength calcium sulphoaluminate cement has early-hardening and fast-hardening properties, which can be used to prepare fast hardening ceramic tile adhesives.
  • GRC Wallboard
    GRC is a kind of alkali-resistant reinforcing material. GRC partition board is characterized by light weight, strong impact resistance, reliability and safety.
  • Foamed Concrete
    Foamed concrete has proven to be an effective alternative to granular fills and is now widely used internationally.
CSA Cement Related FAQs
  • Q.
    What is CSA cement?
    CSA cement, short for Calcium sulphoaluminate cement, is a specialty cement that mainly contains main C2S, anhydrite calcium sulfate, and admixtures. Due to its fast bond and rapid strength development, CSA cement has a wide range of applications.
  • Q.
    What is CSA cement used for?
    CSA cement is widely used for cases where high strength and fast set are required. It is often used as a binder in concrete for roads, bridge, etc.
  • Q.
    How do you make CSA cement?
    CSA cement is produced by limestone, clay, and bauxite at 1200°C–1250°C in rotary kilns.
  • Q.
    Can you mix CSA cement with Portland cement?
    CSA cement can be used as a catalyst to improve the hardening process when mixing with Portland cement. Since CSA cement is fast-setting, the more it is used, the higher the early strength will be.
  • Q.
    What is the benefits of using CSA cement?
    CSA cement features high early strength and fast set. Due to its production procedure, it emit less CO2 when using CSA cement, which is also known as a green binder.
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