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Ceramic Tile Adhesives and Sealant

Application of Calcium Sulphoaluminate Cement in Ceramic Tile Adhesives

High strength calcium sulphoaluminate cement has early-hardening and fast-hardening properties, which can be used to prepare fast hardening ceramic tile adhesives. Adding to the grouting agent can compensate for shrinkage and effectively prevent alkali return. Because C2S and C3S in Portland cement also produce a large amount of Ca(OH)2 in the formation of hydrated CSH, it is a highly deliquescent substance that migrates to the mortar surface and air as the water evaporates. The action of CO2 in the process produces CaCO3 and returns to the base. After the introduction of high strength calcium sulphoaluminate cement, 3CaO·3Al2O3·CaSO4 generates ettringite swelled crystals in the pores of the pores under the excitation of Ca(OH)2 and CaSO4, preventing the free water from oozing out. It plays a role in inhibiting the return of alkali.

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Ceramic Tile Adhesives and Sealant
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Ceramic Tile Adhesives and Sealant