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CSA Binder

CSA Binder Introduction:

Calcium Sulfoaluminate binder is pure CSA clinker that grinded without any gypsum. It is a hydraulic cementitious material blend high in C4A3S (Calcium Sulfoaluminate Crystals).

CSA Binder characteristics

• Appearance: light grey powder
• Rapid strength development
• Rapid setting: initial setting time can reach 12~20 minutes
• Shrinkage compensation
• Short Curing phase
• Low alkali
• Freeze-thaw resistance
• Impermeability
• Resistance to sulfate attack
• Low carbon footprint

CSA Binder Technical Data

Fineness Specific surface area, m2/kg 500+/-20
Setting time Initial setting min 12-30
Final setting min 20-50
Grade CSA binder 62.5 CSA binder 72.5
Compressive strength,Mpa
1 day
3 days
Flexture Strength, Mpa
1 day
3 days

CSA Binder Application

• Concretes repair mortars
• Self-Leveling Floor Screeds
• Sprayed Concretes, Shotcrete, Gunite and Stucco.
• Mining Products, for example: mining roof support materials.
• Plasters & Mortars (i.e. Joints, Sulfate Resistance, No-Shrinkage, etc.)
• Special adhesives, tile adhesives
• Concrete Precast Products
• Glass fiber reinforced concrete (G.R.C.)
• As semi-products various special cements, CSA Binder can be used for making rapid-setting cement, expansion cement, self-stressing cement.

CSA Binder Storage, transportation and packing

• To be stored in dry cool place and not mix with other substance
• Transportation: as common goods
• Packing: jumbo bag or small bag with pallets
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