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Oreworld trade (Tangshan) co., Ltd. has been engaged in exporting commercial enterprise for about 20 years. We are dealing with calcium aluminate cement (CSA cement) and calcium sulfoaluminate cement (CSA cement/CSA binder). Our exporting portions for the CSA cement and calcium aluminate cement is around 30000 mts per year. And we are additionally dealing in fields of distinct cement, refractory materials and ore products.

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  • How to Select CSA Cement Additive
    CSA cement has a fast hydration speed, and the ettringite formed in the early hydration stage will quickly cover the water reducing agent on the cement particle surface, which reduces the effective co...
  • How to Identify Mica Powder
    Mica is a kind of layer silicate mineral containing water with a great variety. Mica powder has unique acid resistance, alkali resistance, and chemical stability, as well as good insulation, heat resi...
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