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Self Levelling

The series of CSA cements from Oreworld trade company can be an application for self-leveling material. Self-leveling material is a kind of powdery material that is premixed by the factory with special cement,super-plasticized component, optimized proportioning/aggregating components as well as an organic modified component in proper proportion. When being used, the material can be mixed to even flow pattern material with self-leveling function after adding water. It is applicable to the construction of ground which has a strict requirement on flatness, and it can be conveyed with a mechanical pump or by manual operation. Based on its functions the material can be divided into 2 types, namely self-leveling material for the surface course and self-leveling material for bedding course.

Performance Features of CSA cement based self-leveling material:
1. Fast speed of construction:
Large area disposal on the ground can be done within 1 day.

2. Fast and high intensification
Based on ultrahigh intensity CSA cement (calcium sulfoaluminate cement), the self-leveling material becomes intensive very fast, so the construction schedule can be expedited; and its intensity at later stage is high.

3. High flow performance
The material is very easy to mix and stir at the working site and it can flow to the designated place and automatically level up without any outside force or auxiliary measures when being poured.

4. Convenience for construction
As pre-packed material it is very convenient to use, just mix it with water is okay, and the materials consistency and evenness are ensured. Also, the material can be conveyed with pump.

5. Stable volume
The material has very low shrinkage, and it can be used for large area seamless construction.

6. Environment friendly, innocuous, inodorous, non-pollution, nonradioactivity.

7. Economic higher performance-price ratio than epoxy resin ground materials.

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Self Levelling
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Self Levelling