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CSA Cement 42.5

Main Introduction of CSA Cement 42.5

CSA cement 42.5 is a rapid-hardening calcium sulfoaluminate (CSA) cement, not a portland cement.
CSA cement 42.5 is made of sulfoaluminate cement clinker as the main component, adding a certain amount of gypsum and a certain amount of limestone, and grinding together to make a hydraulic cementing material with high early strength performance.

Specifications for CSA cement 42.5

Initial setting time:25 minutes Min; Final Setting Time,3 hours Max;
Specific Surface Area: 480m2/kg Min;


Compressive Strength, Mpa

Bending Strength, Mpa











Main Characters of Rapid Hardending CSA Cement42.5

  • High early strength: Its compressive strength can reach 30MPA within 1 day, and the final compressive strength after 3 days can reach 42.5MPA.
  • Sulfate resistant of CSA Cement is better than Sulfate Resistance Portland Cement;
  • CSA Cement 42.5 has a remarkable effect on restraining alkali aggregate reaction
  • High froze-Resistance performance: It can be used at the temperature as low as 0-10℃

Application of CSA Cement 42.5

GRC products
Precast component when fast demolding is required.
Rapid repair mortars & stop leaking materials.
Concrete repairs for Highways, bridges, runways when fast setting and early strength needed
Non shrinking grout
Lower Temperature concrete work
High Sulfate resistance work
Packaging & Shelf Life

Package and & Shelf Life of CSA Cement 42.5

CSA cement 42.5 is packaged by two kinds of packages according to customers’ requirements. One is 1-1.25 ton big bags with inner plastic bags inside, the other is 25kg or 50 kg p.p bag; the P.P bags finally packing by pallets.

It is recommended that CSA cement 42.5 is not placed outdoors or in direct contact with the ground. When correctly stored in dry conditions, the properties of CSA cement 42.5 will remain specification limit for at least 6 months. In most cases, its properties will be retained for over a year.

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