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CSA Cement 62.5 72.5

Introduction of Calcium Sulphoaluminate Cement 62.5 72.5

Calcium Sulphoaluminate cement is made from limestone, bauxite and gypsum with proper composition, calcined at low temperature (1300 ~ 1350 ℃) and composed of anhydrous calcium sulphoaluminate (C4A3S) and dicalcium silicate (C2S) as the main minerals. It is mixed with proper amount of admixture (gypsum and limestone, etc.) and grinded together. It has a series of excellent hydraulic properties such as early strength, rapid hardening and low alkalinity. Calcium Sulphoaluminate cement can be divided into 62.5 and 72.5 grades according to 3 days compressive strength.

Characteristics of CSA Cement 62.5 72.5

  • Early-strength and high-strength performance: The compressive strength of CSA cement mortar can reach 30-40MPa in 12 hours, and the marked strength can be reached in 3 days.
  • High frost resistance: used at a low temperature of 0℃~10℃, the early strength is 5~8 times that of Portland cement
  • High corrosion resistance: Calcium Sulphoaluminate cement is superior to high sulphoaluminate Portland cement and high alumina cement from 2-year corrosion resistance laboratory results.
  • High impermeability: the structure of the two grades of cement is relatively compact, which is 2-3 times of that of Portland cement concrete with the same grade.

Technical Index of CSA Cement 62.5 72.5



Specific surface area( M2 /KG)

Setting time

Compressing strength ,MPa

Bending strength, MPa

Initial setting time, min

Final setting time, min

1 day

3 days

1 day

3 days

















Application of CSA Cement 62.5 72.5

  • Preparation of fast-hardening and early-strength dry-mix mortar
  • Sand prevention dike in marine engineering
  • Winter construction works
  • Production of cement products and concrete precast parts
  • Preparation of shrinkage-compensating concrete and impermeability engineering

Packing of CSA Cement 62.5 72.5

50kg small bag or ton bag.

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