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Amorphous Calcium Aluminate

Amorphous Calcium Aluminate Details:

The mineral of amorphous calcium aluminate (non-crystalline calcium aluminate) is C12A7. The alumina content is about 50%. However, the appearance of amorphous calcium aluminate is different from crystaline calcium aluminate or CA. It looks like greenish (or a little blue color mixed) semi-transparent beads. Generally, the grains are ground into fine powders. The Amorphous calcium aluminate powder and OPC (ordinary Portland cement) and CSA cement are formulated into Rapid-hardening Mortar and Self-leveling mortar etc. With good performance of rapid strength and little dry shrinkage.

Application of the Amorphous Calcium Aluminate:

Concrete accelerator
Rapid setting, rapid hardening cement
Concrete ground hardening
Rapid-hardening Mortars and Self-leveling mortars etc.

Specifications for the ACA

ACA-1 >45% >48% <4% <2.0% <2% <2.0% <0.2% 5200CM2/G
ACA-2 35-45% 50-55% <5% <2.0% <2% <2.0% <0.2% 5200CM2/G

If you have special requirement of chemical composition, we can adjust.

Amorphous calcium aluminate Packing:

By jumbo bags.
Store in shady, cool and dry place.  Avoid damp and mix with other substance
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