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Application of Sulphoaluminate Cement in High-speed Railway Bridge Construction and Quick Repair of

With the rapid development of high-speed railway construction, building materials that can satisfy high-speed railways and roads have gradually become a concern for railway scientific research institutions and related scientific researchers. During the erection of high-speed rail bridges, a fast, high-strength, and high-fluidity grouting anchor material is required. The performance of this material directly determines the speed of high-speed rail bridge laying.

1. The application of sulphoaluminate cement in high-speed railway bridge construction

Sulphoaluminate cement can be completely self-leveling, has fluidity within 30 minutes, but can harden quickly afterwards. The compressive strength can reach more than 30 MPa in 2 hours, and the strength can continue to increase in the later period. The use of this sulphoaluminate cement product can speed up the construction of high-speed rail bridges and ensure the quality of construction.

Sulphoaluminate cement can be used at temperatures below -25°C. And it can reach the design strength requirement of more than 20MPa within 2 hours in normal construction, which reflects the excellent performance of sulphoaluminate cement. This also laid the foundation for the rapid construction of high-speed rail at low temperatures.

2. Application of sulphoaluminate cement in rapid repair of roads

The rapid repair of airport roads is a big problem that the airport maintenance work must face. Repairing a small area is relatively simple, but it is more difficult to repair and replace a large area. Regarding road repairs, it is necessary to solve the contradiction between the rapid hardening of 1 to 2 hours to reach the use strength and the rapid hydration of large-volume concrete and the concentrated release of hydration heat to produce temperature cracks.

The speed of repairing concrete pavements such as expressways, municipal roads, and village-to-village highways directly affects local traffic conditions. Nowadays, there are many maintenance teams occupying road maintenance for a long time, causing traffic congestion. By adjusting the application technology of sulfoaluminate cement admixtures, it is possible to complete road repairs within 1 to 2 hours and resume opening to traffic, and the repaired roads will not crack or fall off. Sulphoaluminate cement will play an increasingly important role in future road construction.

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Application of Sulphoaluminate Cement in High-speed Railway Bridge Construction and Quick Repair of