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Characteristic and Application of Amorphous Calcium Aluminate

Introduction Amorphous calcium aluminate is the basic material of a new rapid setting agent developed by our company. Its main component is amorphous calcium aluminate. Appearance of the amorphous calcium aluminate is light gray green powder. At present, the product performance has reached the level of Japanese accelerator DENKA.
The advantages of the product
1. Because of its non-crystalline nature, it has higher reactivity and efficiency than crystalline products. It can achieve higher reactivity and efficiency when using in conjunction with ordinary silicates.
2. Amorphous calcium aluminate can react with gypsum and water unexpectedly and quickly to form ettringite. Adding proper amount of it to ordinary Portland cement, the initial setting can be completed in less than one minute. In addition, ettringite has stable structure and good strength. At the same time, the volume of ettringite expands to form prestressing force and shrinkage resistance. According to the addition amount, it can be obtained as follows: rapid setting and ultra-rapid setting; high strength and ultra-high early strength; low shrinkage; enhanced durability; good cohesion.
3. Purpose 1. Shotcrete;  2. Repair mortar; 3. Ceramic chip binder;
4. Floor additive;
5. Waterproof and leak-proof mortar, etc.
Prospect of Products This product has been widely used abroad, but it is still blank in the domestic. Overseas, tunnels, underground projects (nuclear power plants) and other important large-scale projects have been widely used.
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Characteristic and Application of Amorphous Calcium Aluminate