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Features of GRC Products

The full English name of GRC: Glass-fiber Reinforced Composite. GRC is based on alkali-resistant glass fiber as reinforcement, Calcium sulfoaluminate cement( low-alkalinity cement) as the cementing material and mixed with suitable aggregates to form the base material. It is a new type of lightweight, high-strength, high-toughness, and multi-functional new inorganic composite material made by production processes such as extrusion and flow slurry.

Dozens of products such as lightweight interior partition panels, thermal insulation panels, exterior wall panels, exterior decoration series products, grid roof panels, ventilation ducts, granaries, rigid waterproof roofs, etc. developed by using GRC materials can be widely used in construction projects, In the fields of civil engineering, agriculture, animal husbandry and fish industry.

Application of GRC material:

The development of GRC materials and products has not only made outstanding contributions to the reform of China's wall materials, building energy conservation, and building decoration, but also in basic theoretical research, raw material varieties and performance, product development, production technology level, and product quality. Great progress has also been made in other areas. Due to the ideal physical and mechanical properties of GRC materials, easy molding and manufacturing of products, fast product upgrading, large market capacity and strong adaptability, the GRC industry is full of vitality and vitality and is entering the sunrise industry

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Features of GRC Products