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Importance of CSA Expansive Agent in Specific Application

I. CSA expansive agents with high efficiency

A particular ingredient for calcium sulphate aluminate cements is the very effective CSA expanding agent. It has a pace of expansion (approx. 6 to 8 percent compared to normal cement). Calcium sulphaluminate and calcium oxide are the major active components. The CSA expanding agent is a calcium aluminate concrete addition that is designed to be combined with conventional cement. It reduces concrete dry shrinkage, generates self-stress (0.2 to 0.7 MPa) when compressed, resists cracking, and is water resistant. The CSA expanding agent, which is highly effective, has been patented as a national invention.

Main components of an efficient CSA expanding agent (percentage): CaO, CaSO, 3CaO-3AlOCaSO4 are the mineral compositions. 200 to 400 m2/kg specific surface area 2.8 to 3.0 specific gravity

II. The utilization and application of a high-efficiency CSA expansive agent

Denka CSA 20# and CSA Power Types, as well as other types of expanding agents such as UEA and CEA, can be added to concrete or combined with conventional cement in the following ways: 1. High-rise buildings' trains, tunnels, fissures, and waterproof layers 2. automated surface waterproofing, impermeable mortars, moisture-resistant mortars, and so on 3. CSA mortar mix that doesn't require grout, and so on.

Effective CSA expansive agent dosage: A powerful CSA expansive agent is included in the cement, with the ratio of CSA expansive agent to regular silicate cement varying depending on the intended usage and degree of constraint. It typically ranges from 6% to 8% by weight of regular cement, which is low when compared to other expanding agents.

Mixing of high-efficiency CSA expansive agent: In a mechanical mixer, the powerful CSA expansive agent and regular cement must be fully and homogeneously combined with aggregate and water for a somewhat longer time than ordinary concrete.

Curing of the High Performance CSA expanding agent: At least 14 days after the concrete has been set, spray the concrete surface with water or film cure to guarantee adequate development of the needle-like crystals of calcium alumina, which are vital for preventing shrinkage fractures during drying.

III. Efficient CSA expansive agents can affect properties of the concrete

1. A high-efficiency CSA expanding agent can assist concrete slump less quickly and set faster.

2. A high-efficiency CSA expanding agent can set a self-stress in the concrete admixture of 0.2 to 0.7 mpa.

3. The CSA expanding agent's great efficiency has no effect on the concrete's strength.

4. Concrete with a high efficiency CSA expansive agent has a higher early strength than concrete with other expansive agents.

5. The use of a high-efficiency CSA expanding agent enhances concrete's seepage resistance to the point that the seepage resistance index exceeds S30.

6. The use of a high-efficiency CSA expanding agent improves concrete's frost and corrosion resistance.

7. An effective CSA expanding agent compensates for concrete's dry shrinkage and minimizes cracking.

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Importance of CSA Expansive Agent in Specific Application