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Introduce of Other Cements

1. Oil well cement

Where cement clinker consisting of hydraulic calcium silicate as the main component, adding appropriate amount of gypsum, the product made by grinding is called oil well cement. Oil well cement is dedicated to the cementing of oil and gas wells, also known as plugging cement. In the exploration and exploitation of oil or natural gas, the steel casing is to be lowered into the well, then the cement slurry is injected, the casing and the surrounding formation are cemented and sealed, and the cementing operation is performed to seal the oil, gas and water layers in the formation to prevent each other from collapsing, so as to form a good oil flow passage from the oil layer to the ground in the well layer.

2. Decorative cement

Decorative cement, including white cement and colored cement, is mainly used in construction projects. It can be formulated as a color mortar or as a variety of colored and white concrete. Compared with natural decorative materials, it is  convenient to use, easy to adjust color and enjoys a  low price. When the raw material of the appropriate composition is burned to a partial melting, the clinker containing calcium silicate as a main component , and  adding a small amount of iron oxide and an appropriate amount of gypsumand , the hydraulic cement material obtained by grinding is called white silicate. Cement (referred to as white cement). A colored hydraulic cementitious material made by grinding or mixing portland cement clinker and appropriate amount of gypsum (or white portland cement), mixed materials and colorants is called colored portland cement.

3. Dam cement

Any hydraulic cementitious material made of silicate dam cement clinker, granulated blast furnace slag or volcanic ash mixture, appropriate amount of gypsum and ground, are called dam cement (also known as medium heat portland cement) And low heat slag portland cement).

4. Radiation protection cement

The barium and strontium cement clinker is made of barite and clay, and a small amount of coke which contributes to the decomposition of barite is added. The raw material of the appropriate composition is obtained by grinding, and 3BaO·SiO2·3SrO·SiO2 is obtained by calcination. The clinker made of clinker of the main mineral added with appropriate amount of gypsum is called bismuth and bismuth cement.

5. Boron-containing cement

High alumina cement clinker is selected, and an appropriate amount of calcined boehmite and natural anhydrite are added, and the cemented material is ground to a predetermined ratio, and the cemented material which is ground to a predetermined fineness is called boron cement.

6. Oxychloride magnesium cement

Oxychloride magnesium cement is a mixture of magnesium oxide powder and magnesium chloride solution. Various kinds of organic or inorganic aggregates, such as sawdust, asbestos, glass fiber, expanded clay, asphalt emulsion, etc., can be added to make various oxychloride magnesium cement concretes.
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Introduce of Other Cements