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Matters Need Attention of Cement Concrete Admixtures in Engineering Application

Pay attention to construction characteristics

1. In the stirring process, the usage amount of water reducing agent and water should be strictly controlled, and the appropriate mixing method and stirring time should be adopted to ensure the full effect of water reducing agent. There should be different process requirements and precautions for different mixing methods.

2. It needs to pay attention that the concrete slump loss of admixture (especially early strength agent or early strength water reducing agent) is generally faster, so the transportation and parking time should be shortened, which is generally no more than 30min, otherwise the post-mixing method should be taken.

3. Pay attention to concrete pouring and molding operation. During the process, pay attention to maintain its uniformity and avoid segregation.

Focus on economic benefits

When choosing admixture, users should reasonably select admixtures according to the quality requirements of concrete construction, construction process conditions, construction methods, environmental temperature and measures taken. At the same time, under the premise of ensuring the quality of mixtures, with the same variety, same application and same effect on concrete, users must shop around for a lower mixing amount and more reasonable price.


With the vigorous development of the construction industry in the world, concrete plays an increasingly important role in the construction of various projects. With the development of concrete technology, the application of high strength and high performance concrete is more and more extensive. As one of the concrete components, admixture is becoming more and more indispensable in concrete engineering because of its special technicality and workability. To correctly and reasonably use mixtures, it is necessary to be familiar with the current national standards for various mixtures and engineering projects, because mixtures are various and engineering technical requirements are different. Both of the two standards are indispensable: the former is to understand the performance of the mixtures, the latter is the practical requirement of engineering.

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