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Production Control of Sulphoaluminate Series Cement

Since the raw materials used in the production of sulfoaluminate series cement are quite different from traditional Portland cement, so there are obvious differences in production control process.

the production control

1. Raw fuel technical requirements:

Limestone CaO>50%; MgO<2%; Si0<1%

Bauxite: A2O3>65%; R20<05%

Iron bauxite: A2O3>55%Fe2O3<15%; R20<0.5%

Dihydrate gypsum SO3>38%

Anhydrite SO3>48%

The calorific value of bituminous coal>5500 kcal/kg, ash content <15%, volatile matter>25%

2. Raw meal control indicators

CaCO3 titration value ±0.5%

SO3: +/-0.5%

Fineness 0.080mm (4900 holes) sieve residue <8%

3. Fuel control index

Fineness 0.080mm (4900 holes) sieve residue <5%

Moisture <1%

4. Clinker control index

Sulphoaluminate cement clinker weight per liter:650~850g

The weight per liter of iron aluminate cement clinker is 700~900g

The SO3 content is greater than the theoretical amount of SO3 required to form C4A3S

5. Cement control index

SO3: +/-1%

Other indicators are based on ZBQ1100587






The chemical composition of sulphoaluminate series cement clinker belongs to the Cao-SiO2-A2O3-Fe2O3-SO3 five-element system. The main minerals of the clinker are C4A3S, C2S and CAF2. Two major types of cements are sulphoaluminate cement and iron aluminate cement.

The main difference in the composition of these two cements is the ratio of A2O3-Fe2O3 in the clinker and the content of two minerals CA3 and C4AF.

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