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Super High Strength Sulphoaluminate Cement

I. Overview: All raw materials with appropriate ingredients are calcined to obtain hot materials with anhydrous tetracalcium sulfoaluminate and dicalcium silicate as the main minerals, and add appropriate amount of gypsum and activator to grind to produce super high strength. The hydraulic cementing material is called ultra-high-strength sulphoaluminate cement, which implements the Q/YTS001-93 standard.

II. Quality index:

1. Specific surface area: not less than 380M2/kg.

2. Setting time: the initial setting time should not be earlier than 25min, and the final setting time should not be later than 4hr. It can be changed according to user requirements.

3.SO3: less than 13%.

4: Strength

III. Features:

1) The Super High Strength Sulphoaluminate Cement has all the advantages of fast hardening sulphoaluminate cement.

2) The higher the strength value, the greater the strength increase rate.

3) Acid and alkali corrosion resistance is better than fast hardening sulphoaluminate cement.

VI. Applications: Ultra-high-strength sulphoaluminate cement is used to prepare early-strength, high-strength (concrete above C60) impermeability and sulfate corrosion resistance concrete, negative temperature construction, grout anchoring, support, assembly joints, geological cementing, emergency repairs , Plugging cement products and construction projects.

V. Storage and transportation: Super high-strength sulphoaluminate cement should not be damp and mixed with other types of cement during transportation. It should be stored separately from other types of cement. The storage period is 3 months in a dry environment. It should be re-inspected after the deadline.

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Super High Strength Sulphoaluminate Cement