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The Application of High Alumina Cement in Dry Mortar

Ⅰ. About the high alumina cement

High alumina cement refers to a fast-hardening, high-strength, heat-resistant and corrosion-resistant cementitious material. Its main characteristics are high early strength, high temperature and corrosion resistance. Clinker with calcium aluminate as the main material and alumina content of about 50%, the ground hydraulic cementitious material is called high alumina cement. Also known as refractory cement, the professional name is: aluminate cement. High alumina cement is mainly used for projects with urgent construction period, such as pressure prevention, road and special emergency repair projects, etc., and can also be used for winter construction projects.

The main uses of the high alumina cement:

1. Formulation of Unshaped Refractories

2. Preparation of cement for special purposes such as gypsum bauxite expansive cement and self-stressing cement

3. Special needs projects such as emergency construction, emergency repair, sulfate corrosion resistance and winter construction

Ⅱ. The application of the high alumina cement in dry mortar

The amount of the high alumina cement used in dry mortar is gradually increasing in developed countries such as Europe and the United States. It is mainly used to prepare special dry mortar with special properties and uses to meet various high standards in construction, such as:

1. Various quick-hardening mortars for the purpose of shortening the construction period and delivering them quickly (construction in winter) mainly utilize the quick-setting and quick-hardening properties of the mixture of high alumina cement and Portland cement;

2. Various repair mortars for the purpose of obtaining excellent repairing properties mainly utilize the fast-hardening properties of mixtures such as high alumina cement, Portland cement, and gypsum, and can react to form ettringite with swelling properties;

3. Non-shrinkage grouting material, mainly uses high alumina cement, Portland cement, gypsum and other mixtures to react to form ettringite with expansion characteristics, which is used for large-scale equipment, foundation anchoring of high-precision equipment installation, and construction of steel structure buildings;

4. Waterproof and plugging materials mainly use high-alumina cement, lime, gypsum; or high-alumina cement, Portland cement, lime, gypsum and other materials for their rapid response ability and rapid formation of expansive ettringite;

5. Self-leveling floor materials are prepared from more than a dozen raw materials, among which the reaction and control technology of high alumina cement, Portland cement and gypsum is an indispensable part of self-leveling floor materials;

6. In order to adjust the setting and hardening time of the mortar and reduce the shrinkage and other properties, the cement-based mortar for wall and floor tiles also needs to be mixed with high alumina cement.

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The Application of High Alumina Cement in Dry Mortar