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The Difference between Heavy and Light Calcium Carbonate

Characteristics and application of  heavy calcium carbonate

Heavy calcium carbonate, referred to as heavy calcium, is a white powder made from high-quality calcite. Its main component is CaCO3, which is insoluble in water and ethanol. It has the characteristics of high whiteness, good purity, soft color and stable chemical composition. It is the most used inorganic filler in industry.

Heavy calcium carbonate has the characteristics of heat resistance, chemical corrosion resistance, cold resistance, sound insulation, shock resistance and easy processing. It is used in chemical building materials, ceramics and floor tiles, doors, ceiling, wall panel, etc. It can also be used in papermaking, coating, paint, PVC profile, artificial leather, PVC gusset plate, medicine, food, cosmetics, ink, etc.

Heavy calcium carbonate is usually used as filler, and widely used in daily chemical industries such as artificial floor tile, rubber, plastic, paper making, coating, paint, ink, cable, building supplies, food, medicine, textile, feed, toothpaste, etc. Used as filler, it can increase the volume of products and reduce the production cost. Used in rubber, heavy calcium carbonate can increase the volume of rubber and improve the processability. It also can play the role of semi reinforcement or reinforcement, and adjust the hardness of rubber. Used in chemical building materials, it has the characteristics of heat resistance, chemical corrosion resistance, cold resistance, sound insulation, shockproof and easy processing. It can be used to make door, ceiling, wall board, upper and lower water irrigation, stair handrail, floor and wire, etc. In oil-based coatings, heavy calcium as filler can play a skeleton role. In plastics, it can increase the volume of plastics, reduce the cost of products, improve the dimensional stability, hardness and rigidity of plastics. It can improve the processability, heat resistance and astigmatism of plastics as well. Used as pulp material, it makes full use of the characteristics of high whiteness, good hydrophilicity and high impact strength.  

Characteristics and application of light calcium carbonate

Light calcium carbonate is mainly used as filler in rubber, plastic, papermaking, coating, ink and other industries. It can also be used in tooth powder, toothpaste, cosmetics and other daily chemical products. It can also be found in organic synthesis, metallurgy, glass and asbestos production. 

The difference between heavy and light calcium carbonate

Heavy calcium carbonate is washed and milled in natural ore water to achieve the whiteness and fineness of coating. Light calcium carbonate is obtained by calcining and water dissolving CaCO3. 

In the application of coating, the heavy calcium is relatively safe, and the dry covering power is not high. It's not as white as light calcium, but it's cheap. However, if the light calcium is used carelessly, it is easy to cause serious thickening, and the most serious problem is coating caking. The amount of oil absorption is much larger than that of calcium, and the alkalinity is also relatively high. The dry covering power of light calcium is much higher than that of heavy calcium, and it is also more white than heavy calcium.

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