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The Prospect of Appling Sulphoaluminate Cement is Promising

In the 1970s, China invented sulphoaluminate cement, and in the 1980s it pioneered the industrial production of ferroaluminate cement. Chinese cement researchers have made outstanding contributions in the history of the world's cement varieties. The mineral composition of sulfoaluminate cement is characterized by a large amount of calcium sulfoaluminate minerals, which distinguishes it from other series of types of cement. Sulphoaluminate cement has the basic characteristics of early strength, high strength, high impermeability, high frost resistance, corrosion resistance, low alkali, and low production energy consumption, and has been widely used in various places.

1. The research and development of sulphoaluminate cement continues to strengthen

Now China has established special cement technology research institutes, research, and development pilot bases, and other institutions to use industrial waste to produce sulphoaluminate cement, chemical sulphoaluminate cement, and sulphoaluminate cement for a decorative sculpture. In addition, China is also studying the application of special cement in engineering fields such as mine filling, roadbed solidification, and concrete modification. Promote the development and application of special engineering materials such as sulphoaluminate cement by strengthening the continuous research on sulphoaluminate cement.

2. The application prospect of sulphoaluminate cement is promising

Sulphoaluminate cement has been successfully used in various construction projects (especially winter construction projects), seaport projects, underground projects, various cement products, and prefabricated components, such as cement pressure pipes, high-strength piles, large beams, columns, and various GRC products. The wide range of use provides conditions for the perennial balanced production of sulphoaluminate cement, which solves the contradiction between production and use. At present, with the development of economic construction, more applications of sulfoaluminate are constantly being developed. The application market of sulphoaluminate will become larger and larger, and now it has achieved internationalization, has strong competitiveness in the international market, and has promising prospects.

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The Prospect of Appling Sulphoaluminate Cement is Promising