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Use of White Cement and Matters Needing Attention in its Use

I believe you are familiar with cement. Then, do you know white cement? Whatever raw meal with proper composition is burned to partial melting, calcium silicate is used as the main component, clinker with low iron content is added with appropriate amount of gypsum, and white hydraulics cementitious material is made by grinding is called white portland cement (abbreviated as white cement). Because the performance of white cement is not particularly excellent, and the cost is relatively expensive, so few people used them as wall materials, and it is generally used to outline tile.

The uses of the white cement:

It is used for decoration of painting, sculpture, floor, staircase, pavilion, pillar and steps and manufacture of products of various colors in architectural decoration works.

White cement technology

1. Magnesium oxide: content is not exceeding 6.0%.

2. Sulfur trioxide: not more than 3.5%.

3. Fineness: the allowance is not more than 10%.

4. Condensation time: the initial condensation time is no earlier than 45 minutes, and the final condensation time is no later than 10 hours.

5. Stability: check by boiling method.

6. Strength: The strength of each label in each order period is shown in Table 1.

7. Whiteness: Whiteness of each grade is more than 87%.

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Use of White Cement and Matters Needing Attention in its Use