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What is Alumina Cement?

Ⅰ. What is alumina cement?

Alumina cement is a high-alumina cement product made by a high-temperature melting process to ensure stable quality. Alumina cement is an inorganic material that forms a dense texture when it reacts with water. It is famous for its fire resistance, rapid hardening, and chemical resistance. We can make full use of its various characteristics and combine them with other inorganic or organic materials to develop new composite materials. Therefore, alumina cement is not only used for refractory castables but also for various applications. Alumina cement can be used to improve existing materials and develop new materials. Alumina cement is used as a component of various products used in refractories, building materials, and other related products' elements.

Ⅱ. The characteristics of alumina cement

1. Fast hardening. Compared with high early strength or ordinary Portland cement, alumina cement hardens quickly. It has sufficient strength even at low temperatures. When mixed with Portland cement or other additives, alumina cement will cause rapid solidification because of its formulation. Therefore, alumina cement is used for the emergency construction of highways, railways, and bridges with heavy traffic.

2. Refractoriness. Alumina cement is often used as a bonding material for refractory castables because it forms a ceramic bond at high temperatures and maintains its strength even after cooling. Through an accurate selection of aggregates, refractory castables with a maximum temperature of 1600°C can be produced.

3. Chemical resistance. Alumina cement is an inorganic material developed in France more than a century ago as cement with durability in sulfate. It is more resistant to sulfuric acid corrosion than Portland cement and exhibits high chemical resistance. Therefore, it can be used to construct underground water pipes, water pipes, sewage pipes, factory drain pipes, coastal facilities, and factory chimneys.

Ⅲ. Reaction of alumina cement

The reaction of alumina cement to water: it reacts with water to form a dense texture. When mixed with water, it will start to harden within a few hours. When it hardens, it generates a lot of heat in a short time. When in contact with water, calcium ions and aluminum ions are released into the water.

Even in cold places, alumina cement has sufficient strength. When mixed with Portland cement, alumina cement causes rapid solidification. Alumina cement has fewer reactants than hydraulic lime or alumina. The time required for the setting varies depending on the temperature. Alumina cement is very useful in improving existing materials and developing new materials by combining them with other materials.

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What is Alumina Cement?