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What is CSA Binder

CSA Binder is short for Calcium Sulphoaluminate binder, which is also called Calcium sulphoaluminate clinker. It is one of the hydraulic binding materials.

CSA Binder is a kind of semi-product for making various cements. It is main composition of expanded sulphoaluminate cement, self-stressing sulphoaluminate cement, high strength sulphoaluminate cement and low alkalinity sulphoaluminate cement

CSA Binder is also used as accelerating admixture, rapid setting admixture and expansion admixture of Portland Cement.


● Appearance: powder with light grey color

● High early strength

● Rapid setting 

● Low degree of shrinkage

● Impermeability

● Resistance to sulfate attack


• Mining Products, for example: mining roof support materials.

• Concretes repair (for example bridges, airport runaways and parking apron, etc.)

• Technical Rapid-Setting Mortars (for example restoration and repairs, etc.)

• Self-Leveling Floor Screeds

• Sprayed Concretes and Shotcretes

• Plasters & Mortars (i.e. Joints, Sulfate Resistance, No-Shrinkage, etc.)

• Special adhesives, tile adhesives

• Concrete Precast Products

• Glass fiber reinforced concrete (G.R.C.)

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What is CSA Binder