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Application of CSA Cement in Garden Landscape

Ⅰ. The solution to the problem of sulfoaluminate cement on plastic rockery

Different from Portland cement, sulfoaluminate cement has excellent properties such as early strength, high strength, frost resistance, impermeability, corrosion resistance and low alkalinity, and the production energy consumption is lower.

Low-grade raw materials and industrial by-products that cannot be used by other industries can also be used in production, which has greater advantages in the implementation of circular economy and sustainable development strategies.

Sulfoaluminate cement, a special material for the bottom layer of plastic rockery, is prepared from composite anti-cracking cementitious materials, high-strength aggregates, anti-cracking fibers, waterproofing agents and various special functional additives.

It has the properties of easy spraying, easy hanging, early strength, frost resistance, crack resistance, waterproof, and easy construction, which solves the deficiencies and shortcomings of the current market plastic rockery production materials.

Ⅱ. The advantages of sulfoaluminate cement for plastic clay

Plastic clay has the characteristics of good crack resistance, waterproof performance, alkali resistance and easy hanging and spraying. It has been widely used in various projects.

1. Good crack resistance

Plastic clay can prevent and resist cracking from both physical and chemical aspects. Sulfoaluminate cement can significantly improve the strength of cement mortar. Anti-cracking agent effectively solves the difficulty and ease of surface plastering caused by smooth and non-absorbent surfaces. cracking, etc.

Sulfoaluminate cement can also greatly reduce the occurrence of cracks and hollowing in the mortar, increase the strength of the mortar, and improve the quality of the project.

2. Good waterproof performance

After the plasticine surface is hardened, it has hydrophobic and waterproof properties, similar to the waterproof effect of lotus leaves. The water droplets are spherical on the surface of the surface layer and will not spread, thereby preventing water from penetrating into the concrete pores, resulting in leakage and corrosion of steel bars.

3. Good anti-alkaline performance

After the sulfoaluminate cement surface layer is hardened, the internal pores are constricted, the pores are mostly disconnected, the siphon phenomenon is less, and it is not easy to return to alkali.

4. Anti-rust

The main component of plastic clay contains water repellent, so there will be no water intrusion on the contact surface of plastic clay and steel bar, the steel bar will not rust, and the overall main skeleton of the plastic rockery will not be corroded and fractured, so that the service life of the plastic rock rockery will not be broken. In this way, the service life of the rockery can reach hundreds of years.

5. High early strength and good frost resistance

After the construction of the bottom layer of the rockery, the hardening time of the bottom layer material sulfoaluminate cement directly affects the progress of the next process and the overall construction progress.

The setting and hardening time of ordinary mortar at room temperature takes about one day, and it will be greatly prolonged at low temperature, and it cannot be hardened at negative temperature.

This product can be set and hardened according to the needs, and the setting and hardening time can be adjusted. It can be set and hardened within 1~2 hours after the construction is completed, and the next process can be carried out.

6. Ease of use, improve economic efficiency

The main cost components in the project construction process are composed of people, materials and organizations. The direct use of sulfoaluminate cement can improve the construction speed of workers, reduce the amount of workers, accelerate the progress of the project, and improve economic benefits.

7. Good sprayability

Plastic clay improves pumpability and shear thinning, reduces friction between cement and sand, improves the lubricity of mortar and paste, reduces stickiness, has a slippery effect, and makes mortar easy to pump;

When the shear force overcomes the yield value, the fluid viscosity of the mortar can be reduced, the pumping is more convenient, the spraying performance is good, the conveying efficiency and construction efficiency are improved, the labor intensity is reduced, and the overall cost is reduced.

8. Easy to hang

Sulfoaluminate cement improves the stability and sag resistance of mortar, overcomes the negative effects of mortar sagging or agglomeration during construction, which enables one-time construction of thick mortar without sagging or slippage.

9. Low carbon, ecology, environmental protection

The raw materials of plastic clay can be reused for the waste sand and gravel, produced under the condition of close to closed, and transported to the site with special packaging bags, ready for the construction unit to use.

The whole process not only reduces the consumption of raw material sulfoaluminate cement, but also reduces dust flying, which plays a good role in the protection of the natural environment.

With the needs of social development, it is inevitable for dry-mixed mortar to replace traditional mortar. Its excellent operating performance, fast construction speed, low labor intensity of workers, and less dust on site are beneficial to workers' health.

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Application of CSA Cement in Garden Landscape