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Application of White Cement in Decorative Concrete: See Masters Play White Concrete

Generalized colorful concrete mainly includes two kinds, one is white concrete, and the other is concrete of other colors besides white and gray! Let's talk about the commonness of the two, and then the difference between them.

First of all, the raw materials used in colorful concrete are basically the same as that of ordinary concrete. In order to meet the decoration requirements, control in raw materials aggregate and cement quality is more stringent. It has the same batch, no color difference, higher casting technology, more delicate surface.

Secondly, the biggest difference between colorful concrete and ordinary concrete lies in the choice of cement. Colorful concrete must rely on an important element, that is, white cement. White is the foundation, and colorfulness is derived from white. Compared the two, the raw materials are basically the same. The colorful concrete on the basis of white color also use colorful aggregate, colorful pigments and so on.

White cement is the abbreviation of white portland cement. Burn raw meal with proper composition to partial melting. The obtained clinker with calcium silicate as the main component and low iron content is ground into white hydraulic cementitious material by adding appropriate amount of gypsum. White cement is mostly used for decoration, and its manufacturing process is much better than ordinary cement.

White cement is the most critical component of white concrete. The typical characteristics of white cements are higher whiteness and bright color. It is generally used as various building decorative materials, such as painting, sculpture, ground, terrazzo products, etc. White cement can also be used to make white and colorful concrete components, which is the largest decorative cement in the terms of the production scale.

White concrete is the most widely used decorative concrete, besides fair-faced concrete. Designers love small and fresh style, and many white exterior walls are actually white concrete. It's not a simple paint for exterior walls!

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Application of White Cement in Decorative Concrete: See Masters Play White Concrete