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Applications of CSA Cement

1. CSA Cement is used as a quick repair material

A large number of experiments show that the quick-hardening and early-strength CSA cement is a hydraulic cementitious material for emergency repairs and construction projects in China. In rush repairs and repair projects of road surfaces, the road concrete prepared by mixing CSA cement with early strength agent does not need special curing. After 8h, the strength can reach 80% of the design strength, and after 12h, the design strength can be reached. At the same time, CSA cement has strong adhesiveness and weak expansibility, which can effectively prevent concrete shrinkage, and the higher permeability resistance can prevent the surface water from seeping down to damage the road bases. Therefore, CSA cement is an ideal material for road surface repair and repair projects.

2. CSA cement is used as a grouting material

Many new materials, especially grouting materials, have been put into the construction of high-speed railways in China, which have been widely used in the installation of anchor bolts for rails and steel structures, the reinforcement of road and bridge projects and the reinforcement of concrete structures. On the basis of quick-hardening CSA cement, Pei Xiangjun et al. studied a new grouting material with the properties of good fluidity, controllable setting time, high early strength and gradually improved later strength, which is of great significance to the improvement of on-site grouting technology.

3. Applications of CSA cement in corrosion resistance engineering

CSA cement has excellent resistance to chlorine and sulfate, and even the uncured specimens of CSA cement mortar have remarkable resistance to sulfate. More than ten Bridges of difference sizes applying fast hard sulphur-aluminate cement in field tests and constructions have been used well so far along the sections of South Xinjiang Railway and Qinghai-Xinjiang Railway, where contain high concentration of chloride, magnesium salt and sulfate groundwater.

4. Applications of CSA cement in the production of GRC related products

GRC products refer to the composite products which are made of CSA cement and alkali resistant glass fibers. They are light, strong and durable, and have been widely used in China. Because of the low alkalinity of CSA cement, when it is combined with glass fibers to produce glass fiber reinforced cement (GRC) products, it can slow down the corrosion of glass fibers and greatly improve the durability of GRC products. Nowadays there are various GRC products, which mainly include GRC exterior and interior partition boards, exterior decorative components and artworks for GRC buildings, GRC insulation boards, foaming materials and other building materials.

5. Applications of CSA cement in other projects

Due to a series of excellent properties such as high early strength, strong penetrant resistance, good freezing and thawing resistance, good long-term stability, corrosion resistance, short setting time, low alkalinity and low free swelling rate, CSA cement is widely used in the following engineering fields in addition to the above projects:

(1) Ejector anchor and reinforcement projects;

(2) Hydraulic and Marine projects;

(3) Underground projects;

(4) Alkali-aggregate reaction prevention projects;

(5) Preparation of precast concrete components and PHC pipe piles.

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