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Special Cements

Special cements introduction

Special cements are cements that serve some specific function such as altering the setting or hardening behavior of a concrete, producing different colors for architectural effects, imparting superior workability, imparting water retention and plasticity to mortars, resisting the penetration of water in walls or containment vessels or simply reducing the cost of the cementing agent. This article gives descriptions of the basic characteristics of certain special cements and their applications.
Those described include: calcium sulfoaluminate cements, calcium aluminate cements with special setting and hardening properties, cements with special colors (white Portland and buff-colored).

Calcium Sulfoaluminate cement is special cement because of its high-speed bonding, rapid strength development, and a shrinkage reduction. We also called them as CSA Cement in short. Oreworld CSA cements are classified by two types: one is CSA cement and the other is CSA binder which does not add anhydrite but CSA pure clinker powder.
The CSA cements have three grades classified by the strength in three days; CSA42.5, CSA52.5 and CSA 62.5.

Regarding the CSA binder, there are three grades, too. They are CSA binder 52.5, CSA binder 62.5 and CSA binder 72.5. The CSA binder is pure CSA clinker powders that without adding anhydrite. Most of the traders or plants who have their own plants and can mixing the anhydrite like the CSA binder best because it can save production and transportation cost.
The CSA binders can be produced to different types of dry-mix mortars based on CSA cements. For example, self-leveling mortar, concrete repair mortar, tile adhesives, no-shrinkage mortar and etc.

Special cements characteristics

• Appearance: light grey powder
• Early-high strength
• Rapid setting: initial setting time can reach 12~20 minutes
• Tiny expansion and low shrinkage
• Low degree of shrinkage
• Low alkali: PH value is about 11 and lower than Portland cement.
• No rust to steel
• Freeze-thaw resistance
• Impermeability
• Resistance to sulfate attack
• Low carbon footprint

Special cements application

• Concretes repair (for example bridges, airport runaways and parking apron, etc.)
• Technical Rapid-Setting Mortars (for example restoration and repairs, etc.)
• Self-Leveling Floor Screeds
• Sprayed Concretes and Shotcretes
• Mining Products, for example: mining roof support materials.
• Plasters & Mortars (i.e. Joints, Sulfate Resistance, No-Shrinkage, etc.)
• Special adhesives, tile adhesives
• Concrete Precast Products
• Glass fiber reinforced concrete (G.R.C.)
  • CSA Cement CSA Cement
    CSA Cement is a cementitious powder that increases the strength, shortens the set times, adds durability and decreases the shrinkage of standard concrete mix designs.
  • CSA Binder CSA Binder
    CSA Binder Introduction:Calcium Sulfoaluminate binder is pure CSA clinker that grinded without any gypsum. It is a hydraulic cementitious material blend high in C4A3S (Calcium Sulfoaluminate Crystals)...
  • White CSA Cements White CSA Cements
    White CSA cements are calcium sulfoaluminate cements in white color. The whiteness is up to 78%. It is designed to produce light color cement based products or mortars.
  • CSA Expansive Additive CSA Expansive Additive
    CSA expansive additive is a shrinkage-reducing high-performance additive made with calcium sulfoaluminate. It is widely used in mortar concrete.
  • Calcium Aluminate Cement Calcium Aluminate Cement
    Calcium aluminate cement is also named as "aluminous cement", "high-alumina cement" and "CAC cement" . It is application for chemical constructions and refractory industry.
  • High Alumina Cement High Alumina Cement
    Description of high alumina cementHigh Alumina Cement (HAC, sometimes known as calcium aluminate cement (CAC) or aluminous cement) is composed of calcium aluminates, unlike Portland cement which is co...
  • Amorphous Calcium Aluminate Amorphous Calcium Aluminate
    Amorphous calcium aluminate is also named as non crystalline calcium aluminate, non crystallized calcium aluminate,amorphous C12A7, ACA, concrete accelerator. It is widely used to make fast and extremely fast setting cementious mortars, concrete.
  • Pumpable Crib Pumpable Crib
    I.High water solidified pumpable crib( after name as Hisolify)It is a kind of new materials with particular performance. The main raw materials are bauxite, limestone and gypsum, after adding some kin...
  • White Portland Cement White Portland Cement
    I.High water solidified pumpable crib( after name as Hisolify)It is a kind of new materials with particular performance. The main raw materials are bauxite, limestone and gypsum, after adding some kin...
  • Anhydrite Anhydrite
    Product DetailsCharacteristics:Anhydrite is one of sulfate mineral. Its component is dried calcium sulfate. The difference between anhydrite and gypsum is anhydrite do not contain crystal water.Purpos...
  • Foamed Concrete Foamed Concrete
    Foamed concrete has proven to be an effective alternative to granular fills and is now widely used internationally. With increasing demand for lightweight materials for buildings in order to improve s...
  • Low Alkalinity Calcium Sulphoaluminate Cement Low Alkalinity Calcium Sulphoaluminate Cement
    Compared with other types of cement, Low alkalinity calcium sulphoaluminate cement has obvious fast-hardening, early-strength characteristics, low alkalinity, small expansion ratio, fast stability, and no shrinkage deformation.
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