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China develops high-efficiency and environmentally-friendly high-alumina refractory cement

At present,the transformation and upgrading of the cement industry has become a hot social issue at present,and energy conservation and emission reduction is the weapon to promote the transformation of cement enterprises.At home and abroad,many cement enterprises' cement kiln has begun to take the road of high-efficiency,energy-saving and high-aluminum refractory development,reducing cost and providing service guarantee for accelerating the transformation and upgrading of the cement industry.

In recent years,with the vigorous development of the cement industry,the market competition is becoming increasingly fierce.In order to remain invincible in the fierce competition,it is necessary to achieve energy conservation and emission reduction, and strictly control costs.On the one hand,high alumina refractory cement directly affects the operation of the kiln.By optimizing the high-aluminum refractory quality and configuration to prolong its service life,it can greatly improve the operation rate of cement production lines,reduce the production cost of cement enterprises,and create value for them.On the other hand,the optimization of the quality of high alumina refractory cement is also conducive to increasing the production of clinker in the production line.In addition,the high quality and long service life of high alumina refractory cement can also effectively save the cost of high alumina refractory bricks in cement plants.

At present,the products of high alumina refractory cement industry are mainly concentrated in the middle and low end products.In fact,high performance high alumina refractory cement has more potential for use and development.The high-performance high alumina refractory brick can greatly reduce the heat loss, and reduce the heat loss of the cylinder by introducing mesoporous technology on the basis of existing materials under the conditions of working conditions.In addition,high-performance high alumina refractory cement can improve the quality of clinker and the use of mixed materials.On the one hand,it consumes industrial waste and on the other hand it saves cement clinker.In this year,it saved nearly one million tons of standard coal and reduced millions of tons of CO2 emissions.In addition,it also reduces the cost of cement production,which is conducive to improving the economic efficiency and sustainable development capacity of the cement industry.
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