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Classification of Carburetors

1. Petroleum Coke Carbon Raiser China

Petroleum coke carburizer is processed by calcining and purifying petroleum coke, and its appearance is round or polygonal. Its characteristics are high carbon, low sulfur and low ash, which are ideal carbon-adding materials and reaction intermediates in metallurgical, chemical, mechanical and power industries, and have been widely used.

2. Carbonizing agent for metallurgical coke

In addition to smelting, the large coke usually used in cupola is also used to carburize the metal burden.

3. Calcined Coal Carbonizer

It is mainly produced in Shizuishan of Ningxia and Wuhai of Inner Mongolia. The composition is C:90-93% and S 0.3-0.5%. Mainly used in steelmaking enterprises, some foundry enterprises for gray iron. The disadvantage is low carbon content, slow melting, waste of electricity and large residual.

4. Petroleum Coke Carbon Raiser

Petroleum coke carbon raiser China is mainly produced in Liaoning, Tianjin and Shandong, Liaoning mainly produces projectile coke, which is not very good for casting. Petroleum coke in Shandong and Tianjin can be used for casting gray iron. The composition is generally C:96-99% and S 0.3-0.7%. Mainly used in steelmaking, gray cast iron, brake pads, core-wrapped wires and so on.

5. Graphitization Carbon Additives

The main producing areas are Shandong, Henan and so on. There are few manufacturers. The main materials are graphitized petroleum coke and graphitized electrode. The general composition is carbon content > 98-99.5% and sulfur < 0.05-0.03%. It is mainly used for nodular cast iron. Characterized by fast absorption, high carbon and low sulfur.

6. Natural graphite carburizer

Mainly natural graphite, 65-99% carbon, mainly used in steelmaking plants, foundries are not applicable.

7. Composite Carbonizing Agent

Artificially manufactured rod-shaped or regular spherical particle carburizer, using graphite powder, coke powder, petroleum coke and other waste materials, adding binder, machine pressing molding, carbon is generally between 93-97%, sulfur is unstable, generally between 0.09-0.7%. It is characterized by low price, but its disadvantage is that it is impossible to stabilize the addition amount and control the sulfur content in use.
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