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CSA Cement Application in Rush Repair And Rush Construction Project

Sulfur (iron) aluminate cement series used alone or in combination with ZB type sulfur (iron) aluminate cement admixture and are widely used in repairing construction, prefabricated components, GRC products, low temperature construction engineering, seawater corrosion resistance; Engineering, etc.

CSA cement used as a quick repair material
In some special engineering fields, high early strength is required, such as 1h strength and 2h strength. The CSA cementhas the characteristics of early strength and high strength. Its 3-day strength is equivalent to 28 days strength of the same grade Portland cement. It is suitable forrush repair and rush construction project.

A large number of experimental studies have shown that fast-hardening early-strong CSA cement is a relatively advanced hydraulic cementing material for emergency repair and construction in China. In road rush repair and rush construction works, road concrete prepared with CSA cement and early strength agent does not require special maintenance. After 8 hours, the strength can reach 80% of the design strength, and the design strength can be achieved in 12 hours. At the same time, Calcium sulphoaluminate cement has strong cohesiveness and weak self-expansion, which can effectively prevent concrete shrinkage. High penetration resistance can prevent surface water from seeping and damaging the road base layer. Therefore, CSA cement is an ideal road rush repair and rush construction engineering materials.
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CSA Cement Application in Rush Repair And Rush Construction Project