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CSA Cement Application in Make GRC Product

In 1975, China Building Materials Science Research Institute (China Building Materials Institute) successfully developed CSA cement.

CSA cement is an important branch of China's special cement industry. It has fast hard CSA cement (mixed material is less than 15% of cement clinker), low alkalinity CSA cement (mixed material content accounts for between 15% and 35% of cement clinker), self-stressing CSA cement and expanded CSA cement, etc. It is a special cement type with independent intellectual property rights in China.

The main components are C2S, anhydrous calcium sulphoaluminate and mixed materials (stone powder, gypsum, etc.). It has a series of excellent hydraulic properties such as early strength, fast hardness and low alkalinity.

China's 70% production of CSA cement is used in GRC products. GRC products refer to products made of CSA cement and alkali-resistant glass fiber. They have excellent properties such as light weight, high strength and durability, and have been widely used in China. CSA cement has low alkalinity and can be used to prepare glass fiber reinforced cement (GRC) products in combination with glass fiber to reduce the corrosion of glass fiber and greatly improve the durability of GRC products. At present, there are many kinds of GRC products, mainly including GRC inner and outer partition wall panels, GRC building exterior decorative members and artworks, GRC insulation boards and foam materials.

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CSA Cement Application in Make GRC Product