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Distinction between refractory castable and high alumina cement

Refractory castables bear no resemblance to high-alumina cement, they are two different products.

Refractory castable is an amorphous refractory used for lining in industrial kilns at a constant temperature. It is made of refractory aggregates, powders, binders, and admixtures of different materials by mixing and milling. Due to the different aggregate materials and binders, the castable made by mixing has different functions, refractory castable is divided into 6 series and hundreds of different varieties, according to the environment of the industrial kiln, the corresponding castable is selected to make the lining in use.

In ordinary circumstances, the castable manufacturer selects the reasonable refractory castable according to the physical and chemical indexes of refractory castable provided by customers or the industrial furnace temperature and gas field provided by customers to meet the use requirements of the industrial furnace lining.

Refractory castable is used as an integral lining of the kiln, and high alumina cement is a kind of material added into refractory castable as a binder when making refractory castable.

High alumina refractory cement is a kind of admixture, which is made of high alumina and lime as raw materials after the raw materials with the proper composition are prepared according to a certain proportion, then ground into fine powder after sintering, and then made into hydraulic cementitious materials with fire resistance. High alumina cement is divided into different binders according to different components.

High alumina cement is different from ordinary building cement. High alumina cement is added as the binder of refractory castable at high temperature, which can quickly wash out the moisture in refractory castable so that the appearance of castable is smooth after hardening. Moreover, it does not affect the high-temperature performance of castable refractory.

Castable refractory is a kind of refractory products, which is used for the lining of industrial kilns, and high alumina cement is used as a binder in the production of refractory castable, there is no similarity between them. But there is a correlation on use.

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Distinction between refractory castable and high alumina cement