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Excellent CSA Cement

1. Excellent performance of CSA cement

CSA cement is an excellent material with many characteristics, making it an ideal choice for formulators and end users. It is not a new technology and has existed for about 60 years, but it is not as widely known or widely used as calcium aluminate cement. However, as more and more people discover its advantages, CSA cement is more used.

At present, CSA cement is widely used to produce quick-setting and very high early-strength materials, such as concrete, mortar, and cement slurry. CSA cement has many special characteristics that make it an ideal ingredient for many high-performance products, or an easy way to improve existing ones. Compared with most cements, CSA cement has a lower carbon footprint and better ecological characteristics, and it is more affordable than CAC.

2. The attraction of CSA cement

What makes it so attractive? Well, simplicity is the key, plus CSA cement can set faster and the final strength is significantly increased. In addition to many good quality properties, CSA cement can also be considered a more environmentally friendly cement. CSA cement has a lower carbon footprint because it requires a lower furnace temperature, which saves a lot of energy and produces softer clinker. The main advantage of CSA cement is that it can produce materials with zero shrinkage or very low shrinkage. CSA cement starts to produce ettringite immediately after it comes into contact with water. This mineral fills the pores of the cement matrix, making it a dense material, helping the mixture to obtain higher early strength and producing a small amount of swelling. This expansion is controllable and very stable in the long run.

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Excellent CSA Cement