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Different Types of Cement Mixes

Reaction with Portland Cement
CSA ultra high strength cement can be combined with other mineral products such as Portland cement, calcium sulfate, filler or latex foam and redispersible foam.
HCSA ultra-high strength cement can be used to produce and control a variety of properties according to the type and process of mixtures. Portland cement is variable. Usually, adding HCSA super-high strength cement can accelerate the setting time and shorten the reaction period. According to the origin and properties of Portland cement, the amount of HCSA super high strength cement is determined.
The strength development of CSA super high strength cement mixed with Portland cement or calcium sulfate is influenced by Portland cement or calcium sulfate. Usually, these mixtures develop mechanical strength at an early stage (within a few hours). The long-term performance of Portland cement with additives controlling setting time and hydraulicity is similar to that of original Portland cement, so it is necessary to test each kind of Portland cement.
By combining CSA super high strength cement with Portland cement, calcium sulfate, admixture or latex foam and redispersible foam in different proportions, the composite can have one or more properties:
  • Adjustment of setting time
  • Shrinkage Compensation for Low Carbon Emissions
  • Rapid solidification;
  • Expand;
  • Sulfate corrosion resistance
  • Low shrinkage;
  • Long-term high strength
  • Low alkali
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Different Types of Cement Mixes