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What is Cement Used for

CSA super high strength sulphoaluminate cement is also called high strength sulphoaluminate cement. CSA super high strength cement is a kind of hydraulics material based on calcium sulphoaluminate, which is different from calcium aluminate cement based on calcium aluminate or Portland cement based on calcium silicate. CSA super high strength cement can be used alone (lithium salt can be used as early strength agent), or can be used with anhydrite, Portland cement, kaolin and other one or more kinds of composite.

The excellent properties of CSA super high strength cement make it suitable for all kinds of products with early strength, high strength and quick setting requirements. For example: fast-hardening cement, self-leveling, concrete repair materials, grouting materials, waterproof and leak-proof materials, high-strength concrete and so on. The application of ultra-high strength sulphoaluminate cement in various products makes these products have controllable initial setting time, high early strength, micro-expansion at initial hydration stage, compensatory shrinkage and certain resistance to sulphate corrosion.

Among CSA super-high strength cement, the most representative mineral component is ettringite, which is an expansive crystalline material formed by chemical reaction of limestone, anhydrite and bauxite. Its volume is twice that of all mineral combinations before chemical reaction. During the production of CSA super high strength cement, 85% ettringite is formed in the early stage of production, before the hydration reaction of aluminate and silicate. Because the possibility of ettringite formation in the later stage of production is very small, the ettringite formed has long-term stability. This is also the main difference between CSA super high strength cement and high alumina cement.

Whether it is mortar, concrete or composite cement, the addition of CSA super-high strength cement can accelerate their initial and final setting time, improve their early strength, and have little effect on the later strength. According to the different dosage, CSA super-high strength cement also has the performance of shrinkage compensation or expansion.

In addition, CSA ultra-high strength cement has low carbon emissions, sulfate corrosion resistance, low permeability, high durability and low temperature resistance. Contact cement supplier for best price.
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What is Cement Used for