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General Properties of CSA Binder and Reactivity of Portland Cement

1. General characteristics of CSA binder

The CSA binder is a hydraulic binder based on calcium sulfoaluminate, not calcium aluminate as the basis of calcium aluminate cement or calcium silicate as the basis of Portland cement. This difference makes the properties of CSA binders particularly suitable for the formulation design of self-leveling or self-smoothing compounds, fast-hardening mortars, tile adhesives, non-shrink grouting, fast-curing and special mortars.

CSA binder can be used as a hydraulic binder alone, or added together with calcium sulfate or combined with Portland cement to formulate products. The setting time and strength development is faster than Portland cement. The CSA binder does not release free lime during the hydration process, thus eliminating the main cause of weathering.

2. The reactivity of CSA binder with Portland cement

CSA binders can be used in combination with other mineral products (such as Portland cement, calcium sulfate, and fillers) or organic materials (such as latex foam or polymers in redispersible foam). Depending on the type of mixture and technology used, CSA binders can be used to obtain and control various properties.

Generally speaking, with the addition of CSA binder, the acceleration of solidification gradually increases. The amount of CSA binder required to obtain a specific setting time varies depending on the source of Portland cement, and the properties can be changed by the use of additives. The strength development of CSA binder and Portland cement depends on the properties of Portland cement or calcium sulfate used. Generally speaking, these mixtures will develop mechanical strength at a very early stage (a few hours).

For certain types of Portland cement and formulated products containing additives that control setting and hydration, the long-term properties are similar to those of the original Portland cement, but it is necessary to check the properties of each portland cement used.

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General Properties of CSA Binder and Reactivity of Portland Cement