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Performance Characteristics of CSA Cement

1. The introduction of CSA cement

CSA cement-based concrete repair material is the dry-mixed material accurately mixed in the factory based on a ternary composite system of ultra-high-strength chloroaluminate cement clinker, portland cement clinker and gypsum, with high molecular polymers, organic fibers, various additives and quartz sand added. It can be used after mixing with water in the specified proportion on site, which is suitable for the repair of concrete base surfaces of different thicknesses.

2. Performance characteristics of CSA cement

(1) The dry shrinkage rate of CSA cement is less than 0.04%. The original concrete generally has a long age, and the dry shrinkage rate of the long-age concrete is already very low. If the dry shrinkage rate of the repair material is too high, the deformation of the original concrete under load is very different, which is bound to cause the drum is empty and even falls off in severe cases.

(2) The tensile bonding strength of CSA cement is ≥1.5MPa. Only the firm combination of the repair material and the original concrete can achieve a better concrete repair effect. This requires CSA cement to have a higher tensile bonding strength, and the addition of polymer polymers to ensure this index, while improving the flexibility of CSA cement.

(3) Scientific ternary system compound; low water-to-material ratio; the addition of organic fibers and high molecular polymers effectively ensures the crack resistance of CSA cement.

(4) CSA cement has good frost resistance, impermeability and corrosion resistance. The combination of the scientific ternary system enables the micro-expansion function of the repair material, low water-to-material ratio measures, and the addition of high molecular polymers to improve the compactness, frost resistance, impermeability and corrosion resistance of the repair material.

(5) The addition of high molecular polymer and the use of quartz sand as aggregate greatly improve the wear resistance of CSA cement.

(6) Early strength is high. The six-hour flexural strength of CSA cement can reach more than 3.5MPa, which is of great significance for the emergency repair of concrete pavement; its 28-day compressive strength can reach 35~50MPa.

(7) Easy to use. The maximum particle size of aggregate in CSA cement is below 1.5mm, which is suitable for all kinds of thin-layer repairs. According to the change of repair thickness, 1.5~25mm aggregates can be added to improve the strength of repair materials. Both thin and thick layer repairs can be used.

(8) CSA cement is of high quality and low price and has a wide range of promotion value.

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Performance Characteristics of CSA Cement