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Practical Application of Ultra-high Strength Sulfoaluminate Cement in External Thermal Insulation Mo

Ⅰ. Application of sulfoaluminate cement in external thermal insulation mortar for external walls

Ultra-high-strength sulfoaluminate cement is used in external insulation mortar for external walls:

1. It can quickly harden after bonding the mortar board, improve the construction speed and shorten the construction period;

2. Improve the surface hardness and compactness of the plastering mortar;

3. The sulfoaluminate cement enables the material to be used normally at a lower temperature.

The ultra-high-strength sulfoaluminate cement can achieve rapid curing under the premise of meeting the sufficient working time of the bonding mortar. The bond material required 28 days to achieve bond strength.

This not only achieves rapid construction (the next step of plastering mortar construction can be carried out after 4 hours at room temperature), but also reduces the amount of polymer in the mortar and material costs.

Introducing ultra-high-strength sulfoaluminate cement and using it in combination with high molecular polymers and early-strength agents, the minimum use temperature of the plastering mortar can reach -7°C (other common materials are 0°C), and the mortar will not be frozen and Have good adhesion.

Ⅱ. Application of sulfoaluminate cement in plugging materials

Ultra-high-strength sulfoaluminate cement is used as a plugging material, resulting in short setting time, fast hardening speed and good long-term stability.

Under normal circumstances, the use of ordinary cement composite quick-setting agent or composite cement system to prepare leakage plugging materials, although a short setting time is achieved, but it does not achieve rapid hardening, that is, "quick setting without early strength".

It is difficult to meet the usage requirements in the actual application process. The plugging material prepared with ultra-high-strength sulfoaluminate cement can adjust the setting time arbitrarily within ten seconds to several minutes, and it hardens rapidly after setting, truly realizing the purpose of "quick setting and quick hardening".

Leakage plugging products are often stored for too long (generally, the shelf life is 6 months), which greatly prolongs the coagulation time, thus seriously affecting its use effect.

The leakage plugging material mainly prepared with ultra-high strength sulfoaluminate cement (referred to as ultra-high strength sulfoaluminate cement leakage plugging material) mainly relies on accelerating the hydration reaction between minerals to achieve the effect of rapid setting, which is completely different from ordinary plugging materials. The hydration condensation method of the leaking material.

For example, a variety of accelerators are added to Portland cement (referred to as Portland cement plugging materials), and Portland cement is mixed with special cement to add a variety of accelerators (referred to as composite cement plugging materials).

Ultra-high-strength sulfoaluminate cement plugging material does not produce "adsorption" and "reaction" of admixtures, and has good storage and long-term stability.

Take the above three kinds of plugging material samples, adjust them to have the same setting time (initial setting 2 minutes, final setting 3 minutes), and carry out test comparison, the order of early strength development speed from fast to slow is: ultra-high strength sulfoaluminate acid Salt cement plugging material>Portland cement plugging material>Composite cement plugging material.

Ultra-high-strength sulfoaluminate cement is an important component of dry-mix mortar products. Due to its unique high-strength and fast-hardening, corrosion resistance, micro-expansion, frost resistance and other excellent properties, it has been widely used in dry-mix mortar since it was put on the market, favored by industry professionals.

And it is widely used in cement self-leveling mortar, non-shrinkage grouting materials, tile adhesives and jointing agents, external wall thermal insulation system materials, waterproof plugging materials, quick repair materials and other products, which greatly improves the overall performance of the product. , sulfoaluminate cement has been well received in the practical application process.

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Practical Application of Ultra-high Strength Sulfoaluminate Cement in External Thermal Insulation Mo